Momstrology: Parenting with Astrology

by Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist

1If you have a One Life Path child, here are some basics:


To develop their sense of leadership, creativity, self-confidence, individuality, independence, and achievement. Because what we’re here to do is never going to be the easiest thing for us to do, your child will have challenges and difficulties with developing and acting upon these very themes.


Your child is here to follow their unique voice and vision in the world. They are creative, innovative thinkers, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and are here to lead.


Children with a One Life Path will be challenged with a three-tiered process that goes like this:
They’ll see that they feel dependent in ways that they don’t like, so they’ll respond by rebelling in whatever way they can in order to find and act upon their own sense of identity and independence. (Note to self: This can take a while!) When they’ve mastered that in a healthy way, then they’re on to achievement in the material world. The One Life Path child is meant to forge ahead and be a leader – yet there will be many “failures” on the journey. Your child will need to learn how to use failure as fuel and to bounce back with gusto rather than be ground down into an angry, victimized pulp.


Your One Life Path child is all about #1. You’ll have to work with them in these areas:

• Getting them to see other points of view. The One Life Path is fairly self-centered.
• They tend to be impatient and need assistance in developing patience.
• Your child will struggle with their sense of confidence.
• Your child goes through “The School of Hard Knocks” throughout their life.


Here are a few ways that you can support your One Life Path child to be the best they can be:

Allow healthy competition.

Your child thrives in a competitive environment, so supporting their abilities in that arena prepares them for a life of leadership and achievement.

Encourage physical activity.

Your child is truly a bundle of creative energy and if they don’t burn it off, you’ll be sorry! It’ll explode in inappropriate ways.

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