Momstrology: Parenting with Astrology

by Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist

5If you have a Five Life Path child, here are some basics:


To develop their sense of freedom through self-discipline, versatility, be an agent of change, fearlessness, adventure, and radical acceptance of all kinds of people in the world. Understand that because what we’re here to do is never going to be the easiest thing for us to do, your child will have challenges and difficulties with developing and acting upon these very themes.


Your Five Path child’s here to experience the physical world in all of its glory! You’ve got a little whipper-snapper on your hands. Your child lives without a filter (so to speak). They want to take part in everything!


Children with a Five Life Path will be challenged with learning to rein in their adventurous freewheeling nature and overwhelming desire to experience every sensual pleasure. Your Five Life Path’s mantra is: “Don’t fence me in!” Understand that your child lives a sort of metaphoric (and sometimes literal) ADHD experience. They’re challenged with maintaining focus and follow through. They’re the ultimate Drama Kings or Queens. They’ll swing from being totally independent – “You’re not the boss of me!” to total dependence – “MOMMY!! HELP!!” in the blink of an eye. Your child will be challenged with overwhelming feelings of fear at certain points in their lives.


Your Five Life Path child is here to develop the constructive use of freedom, progressive and inclusive thought, adventurousness, resilience, and embracing change. You’ll have to work with them in these areas:

• The Five Life Path is usually the “wild child.” They’re so full of energy that it’s hard to keep up with them.
• Since your child is learning about freedom, often they’ll bring in restrictive circumstances into their lives that help them test their sense of freedom.
• Your Five Life Path child is usually the life of the party, outgoing, and exuberant and can have addictive tendencies.
• If your Five Life Path child goes the opposite route, they can be overly fearful and unable to act upon their strong desire to experience a sense of freedom.


Here are a few ways that you can support your Five Life Path child to be the best they can be:

Use calendars and checklists.

Your child needs a tangible way to focus and do one thing at a time, because their tendency is to do a little of this and a little of that without completing a task fully. Even if you have other children and they don’t require this kind of support, you’ll be doing your Five Life Path child a huge favor if you offer them the structure and consistency of using calendars and check lists as part of their everyday life. This can be for what you might consider “no-duh” activities – like how many glasses of water to drink per day, how long to brush your teeth, or when to pack their backpack for school.

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