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October 12th, 2012
Ponytail mamas unite!


I am that mom.  You know the one, ponytail every day and poorly placed bobby pins.  I’ve always chalked it up to being busy, but I’m beginning to think that neglecting my hair for so long has made me plain old lazy.  I’m sure it’s a bit of both.  The Sun is now in Libra, and there’s no better time to start pulling out some pretty.  Libras are all about love and beauty, and why not start with a little self-love and care?  Let’s go in baby steps by looking for some ponytail alternatives as I’m not quite ready to break out the flat iron.  Here are some inspiring links that I’ll be giving a whirl this month:

Fishtail Braid with colorful yarn from A Beautiful Mess.
“The simplest hair style ever” from The Paper Mama.
Side chignon from This is Glamorous.
The Gibson Tuck from
Maiden Braid also from A Beautiful Mess.
Have you heard of Hair Dresser on Fire?  Her video blog is a goldmine of hair tutorials.  I’m a big fan of the summer pony.

So, if you’re suffering from a mom-hair rut like myself, I hope this has inspired you.  If you have Libra-worthy mama hair already, I hope this gave you some additional ideas to mix it up.  Good luck and good hair, mamas!

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