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June 25th, 2012
Rainbow Pinterest PRIDE!

Every since I heard Kermit the Frog sing “Rainbow Connection,”  rainbows have held a special place in my heart.  Throughout history rainbow flags have been used to symbolize the breaking of new era, hope, and social change, and it doesn’t get more appealing to an Aquarian like myself than that.  I even carry my daughter in a woven, rainbow-colored ring sling (crunch! crunch!).  Some might call me rainbow obsessed, and I’d own that.  I have PRIDE in my rainbow love, and I support the things for which rainbows have come to represent.

I am pleased to share the spectrum (hardy har har) of gorgeous rainbow items on our rainbow Pinterest board!

Rainbow rain boots from Molo
Cotton-twill bow tie from Alexander Olch (swoon!)
Rainbow cake recipe  (The hippy in me has to point out that you can use natural food dyes.)
Saguaro hotel (a rainbow hotel!) in Palm Springs
Rainbow hammock from veronicacolindres on Etsy
32 colorful rainbow food designs

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