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January 18th, 2013
Stylish Spaces for Children

Let’s face it.  There’s a lot of decorating stuff for kids that isn’t that visually appealing for the over 11 crowd.  It’s bright, cartoonish, pink and fluffy, or covered in Disney princesses.  Inspired by our interview this week with Cortney Novogratz, I’d like to present you with some ideas and alternatives to typical children’s spaces that we’ve collected on Pinterest .  We hope you’ll be inspired and take a few elements here and there to use in styling your own babe’s room.

Cloud bunk bed to add interest to a space where kid’s are sharing a room.(Aquarius children would enjoy clouds that combine air and water.)
A collection of children’s room in Stockholm.  Be sure to click this link and look at the boat bed.  AMAZING!
Kids have stuff.  Check out the storage space from this home on Apartment Therapy.  (Also, click back a few pictures to admire this little girl’s teal colored bed.)
These are the coolest bunk beds ever.(Hello, rowdy fire signs!)
A room makeover that includes framed kid’s art.
Sometimes the used of monochromatic, non-traditional colors can make a big impact. Green room from the blog Road Trip in Finland.

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