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Why an astrology site for moms?

It’s been said that kids don’t come with an owner’s manual. Actually, they do! It’s called their astrological chart (the zodiac wheel based on their time, date and place of birth)…and it’s packed with clues to what makes each unique soul tick.

Sure, we all have free will, and the way you parent is a huge, influence, too. But couldn’t we all use some extra tools, a little celestial baby whispering, if you will? Even just knowing your child’s Sun sign can make a world of difference. It helps you understand your kid(s) and also the dynamics between your signs. 

Astrology helps you tailor your parenting in a way that works for both of you. It explains why, despite your best intentions to teach non-violence, your Aries child rides a tricycle through the house and knocks over your gorgeous tablescapes. Or why your Taurus baby sleeps 15 hours, while your little Sag is up demanding attention at dawn. 

Should you go out and master astrology? Of course not! You’ve got enough on your hands trying to raise children in this demanding world.

That’s why we created Momstrology—to give you tons of support, a bundle of time-tested secrets, and a funny outlet (we Sags use humor as our survival secret) to help you feel supported, acknowledged and honored. Mamahood ain’t for sissies, as you’ve well discovered by now. But your child picked YOU as his/her mother for a special, spiritual reason. You’ve got a karmic job with each other, and lots to learn and share. Some believe that parenthood is a reunion between two souls who have shared many lifetimes. After looking at thousands of birth charts, there’s merit to that theory.

Either way, the special soul mission between mom and child is indeed written in the stars. When our fiercely independent signs spawned  adorable-but-attention-seeking  daughters over the last 5 years, astrology was a go-to resource.  It explained why Amanda’s Capricorn daughter Marigold shook the bed for hours during sleep training. (Those earth signs are fiercely tenacious!) Or why Ophi’s Libra daughter Cybele was a people person from day one, needing constant interpersonal play. (Air signs are all about communication.) We’ve been able to parent based on THEIR needs, while also honoring our own Sagittarian desire for adventure and freedom. 

Does astrology make it a perfect process or a magic pill? Well, no. That’s simply not the nature of parenting. It’s a constant balancing act between your needs, their needs, the family dynamics, and well, life. 

We hope Momstrology brings you laughter, relief, pride and loads of compassion for yourself, brave mama. 

Cosmic Mama Love,
Ophi, Tali & Amanda

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