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We love the way the Virgo mother thinks (and thinks…and thinks some more!). Analytical Virgo Beyonce, whose first child is due in February, fits the bill. B told told Harper’s Bazaar that “[I] gave myself time to focus on becoming the woman I want to be…before I became a mother.”

The Virgo mama is nothing without a plan! And you know what? Kudos to Beyonce for taking time to get to know herself. Without that, worrisome and perfectionistic tendencies can arise for Virgo mothers, bringing out their neurotic sides. Beyonce also finished her Saturn return last year (a period of maturity around age 27-30), which undoubtedly helped her come into her own.

While Virgo moms get a rap as control freaks, they can also be pioneers for healthy parenting. Think: non-toxic cleaning products, organic food, natural births. Virgo Ricki Lake produced the groundbreaking documentary The Business of Being Born, where she even filmed her own home delivery in the bathtub!

We had the pleasure of meeting Beyonce and doing a horoscope chart reading for her backstage at the 2003 Billboard Music Awards, right when she and her Sagittarius hubby Jay-Z were still dating on the downlow. She was kind, thoughtful and gracious…and she loved astrology!

Like us, Beyonce has her moon in Scorpio, which makes her more private about her personal life (the moon rules your emotions, and Scorpio is a secretive sign). But Scorpio moon people are drawn to life’s mysteries, and Beyonce sat with us longer than any other celeb. She left with a 60-page printed compatibility chart for herself and Jay-Z, which she told us she pored over at her hotel that night. 

As parents, Virgo and Sagittarius are pretty different, though both value intelligence and lifelong learning. Beyonce might be less likely to expose the kid to risky adventures (hello, Virgo helicopter parenting), while Sagittarius Jay-Z will make sure the kid’s not overprotected. If they strike the right balance it will be a new adventure that teaches these different signs another lesson on the art of compromise. 

Now…will their baby be an Aquarius or a Pisces? We’re waiting to see!

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