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May 18th, 2012
When “Ted Talks”-Mama Listens- Teaching Your Kids to Save the Planet One Paper Towel at a Time.


Wasting water and paper towels are two things that make me holler.  My own home is no exception.  Just recently, I was forced to take drastic measures. I actually outlawed paper towels for a few months after witnessing my husband fly through half a roll while cleaning the living room floors.

To compound the problem, my daughter grabs no less than ten paper towels at a time to dry her hands in a public restroom.  She insists she needs more than one to dry her pint sized hands.  She may have a point.  My method- a bit unsavory- is to use one paper towel and then wipe the excess water on your pants; nothing like wet spots on your pants when you walk out of a restroom….. 

Everything changed however once I watched a brilliant “Ted Talk” by Mr. Genius Joe Smith.

If you are anything like me, you will marvel at his simple “Shake and Fold” one paper towel method that even works on those recycled, brown, water- repelling towels.  Just like that, we are saving the planet, sparing trees for the Ivory Billed Wooodpecker, and I am no longer forced to yell at my daughter in public.  After all, who wants to be “that” mom.  Success!

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