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The Gemini Mom: May 20-June 21

Pop quiz: What’s on a Gemini mom’s Christmas shopping list? Light-up sneakers, a new iPad, a home karaoke machine and a watercolor set. Oh, and a bunch of stuff for her kids, too. The Gemini mother is an eternal youth (at heart, anyhow), and often the most “with it” of all the parents. Your kids’ friends stop by after school to hang out with YOU. No surprise, since you’re always ready to talk about the latest fascinating findings, whether it’s cutting-edge research on organic farming, hot celebrity gossip, or the best site for music downloads. Modern-minded Gems are information sponges, drawn to the most cutting-edge ideas and innovations.

You have a million hobbies and interests, making you quite the interesting mama. Your taste in clothing can be pretty hip, too. Who needs the mall? Your teenage daughter will shop in your closet. Hey, it’s your fault for being cooler than she is…..READ MORE >


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