March 31st, 2014
Moon Signs: The Inner You


One of the most important elements of the astrological chart is the moon sign (where the moon was when you were born). The moon signs shapes your emotions and your soul. It colors all the subconscious stuff going on below the surface—your deepest needs, and what helps you feel emotionally secure.

Are you a natural nurturer? Check your moon sign.

Since the moon is associated with the feminine and maternal, the moon sign often indicates your mothering (or nurturing) style. How tuned in and touchy-feely are you? The moon sign explains.

What kind of nurturing does your child need? Check his moon sign.

Your child’s moon sign can reveal a lot about his temperament, emotional security levels and she will respond to new environments. Understanding your kid’s moon sign can help ease transitions, such as starting a new school, weaning, social issues and study habits. Does your little one need more safety/sheltering or does she crave independence? It’s all encoded in the la luna.

The moon sign can also influence how strongly your sun sign is expressed. For example, if you’re a fiery Aries with a mellow Taurus moon, your aggressive nature may be toned down by the steady Taurus influence. Or, if you’re a watery Scorpio with a watery Pisces moon, you could be extra emotional and intuitive, since these are the traits of water signs. Want to find your true soulmates? Check out your moon sign and theirs. Chances are, your moons are in compatible signs, or your sun and moon are in similar signs.

How can I find my moon sign?

The moon moves into a different sign every 2-3 days, which is why for instance, a Leo born August 11 could be quite different from a Leo born August 14. Want to find your moon sign? Do a free chart here.



Aries Moon:

Needs: autonomy, challenges, action
Don’t tell ME what to do! This moon sign needs the freedom to explore, skin their knees and learn through trial and error. Since Aries moon is competitive, you may need to teach this child how to be a good sport, and that life isn’t only about winning. This kid needs applause—and may demand your attention in great doses. Hello, exhaustion. Since Aries is the zodiac’s baby, Aries moon kids are often extremely attached to their mothers and can even have abandonment issues. Teach this child to look before leaping…if you can get him to listen!

Taurus Moon:

Needs stability, material comforts
These little aesthetes are sensitive to environment: sound, smell, touch, taste. If your Taurus moon babe is off balance, check the ambience around him/her. A scratchy blanket, an unsavory smell or bright overhead lights in the nursery can be all it takes to throw your Taurus moon off balance. Sleep is also of the utmost importance, so invest in a great crib or mattress. At the same time, be mindful that this moon sign can be a hedonist, demanding material rewards or self-soothing with too many desserts. This stable (and stubborn) moon sign craves security, but may need to be pushed to take more chances, lest he get stuck in a rut.

Gemini Moon:

Needs communication, new ideas
Hello, little chatterbox! The Gemini moon child craves communication and needs to know WHY…for just about everything. You may feel that your authority is being challenged, but the Gemini moon has genuine curiosity that needs to be encouraged in appropriate ways. This moon sign craves verbal and visual stimulation, and may need a well-stocked library (or a sibling close in age!) to stay entertained. Prepare to play social director, as this easily-bored moon sign needs a variety of play dates and activities—and may seemingly never run out of energy.

Cancer Moon:

Needs nurturing, safety
Can you say ma-ma? With a moon sign in the zodiac’s “mother sign,” the Cancer moon is attached at the hip to his closest caregivers. This child may deal with separation anxiety or fear of strangers. He needs to be treated with extreme sensitivity, as his feelings can be easily wounded. Teaching the Cancer moon child to be resilient—and not to take everything personally—can be an ongoing task. Make room on the bed for a bevy of dolls and stuffed animals that your nurturing Cancer moon will want to “mother.” This moon sign also needs lots of reassuring hugs and touch—and will amass a collection “blankies” and pacifiers as soothing transitional objects.

Leo Moon:

Needs attention, leadership, play
Who’s the boss? The take-charge Leo moon has no problem telling anyone what to do—including you. Praise this moon sign for being vocal and assertive, but make sure you’re not being steamrolled. Teach the me-first Leo moon to take turns—but that said, try not to use the word “bossy,” since you could be discouraging a future world leader! Showy Leo moons warm to the sound of applause and love to leave their personal stamp on everything. This moon sign needs outlets to express creativity: music, dance, arts and crafts. Don’t meddle with your junior fashionista: your Leo moon may need to assert self-expression by choosing her own outfits from an early age. “Learn to do by doing” is this moons sign’s mantra.

Virgo Moon:

Needs order, to feel helpful, mental stimulation
Junior control freak alert! The fastidious Virgo moon likes everything to be in its place, and seeks a sense of security in the world through order. Analytical and a perfectionist, this child needs to learn that it’s okay to be human—without all the pressure! Just the facts, mom: You’ll need to patiently and honestly answer this junior journalist’s probing questions, since logical Virgo moons feel safest when they understand how things work (and therefore, are prepared in any crisis). Give this child things to stack, sort, organize and chop. Bonus: you’ve got an eager helpmate for gardening, cooking, cleaning and household tasks.

Libra Moon:

Needs harmony, beauty, companionship
Balance is the key for the gentle and idealistic Libra moon child, who craves a beautiful environment, sentimental moments and lots of affection. This moon sign gets wildly thrown off by conflict, arguments and anything that smacks of unfairness. The “do as I say not as I do” routine will never fly with this pint-sized activist, so model the values that you want to teach. Relationship driven by nature, the Libra moon needs to foster close bonds, so encourage a thriving social life—but also teach this kid that it’s healthy to be alone. Street smarts are NOT this trusting moon sign’s forte, so prepare to drill on the “don’t talk to strangers” routine and on how to stand up to bullies.

Scorpio Moon:

Needs privacy, intensity, soul bonding
Can you say intense? The Scorpio moon can be quiet, brooding and an unsettlingly wise old soul. Intuitive from the start, Scorpio loves to get into the nitty-gritty details of everything. Mysteries, puzzles, the paranormal, fantasy games—this moon sign needs to explore the depths. Watch what you say around this sharp little kid: Scorpio moon never forgets and rarely forgives. Detaching from mama’s apron strings can be a challenge, since Scorpio is the sign of bonding.Cultivating the Scorpio moon’s sense of trust in the world is key, since he can be fearful and hypersensitive. Since Scorpio is a deeply private moon sign, you’ll need to respect this child’s need for secrecy—and never betray her trust if chosen as a confidante.

Sagittarius Moon:

Needs adventure, conquests, wisdom
Adventure time! The worldly Sagittarius moon has an appetite for all things new and different. With boundless energy, the Sagittarius moon needs to explore wide-open spaces, preferably outdoors (where this moon sign is happiest). Travel, learning and meeting people from different backgrounds also sate this cultural ambassador’s appetite. Generous to a fault, Sagittarius moons love to share and are happiest when everyone around them is happy, too. Grab the rose-colored magnifying glasses: this child needs to see the world in its most expansive and positive form. At times, Sagittarius moon can be gullible or naïve, so instill your child with critical thinking skills. Helicopter parent alert: this moon sign needs room to roam and to learn through hands-on experience.

Capricorn Moon:

Needs boundaries, ambitions, solitude
Knock, knock! The somber Capricorn moon child can be extremely serious, leaving no stone unturned in her thoughtful ways. Cautious and conservative, these kids need to take their time before opening up. They feel safest when they have a plan for everything, or know what the bigger-picture agenda is. Goal-oriented and driven, these kids need to achieve—but as a parent, you may need to save them from getting stymied by their own unrealistic standards. Once you get the Capricorn moon to lighten up, this child has a wicked and rather advanced sense of humor. They may not be the most touchy-feely types, and may prefer their affection in sparing doses. One-armed hug, anyone?

Aquarius Moon:

Needs friendship, collaboration, a cause
Isn’t life grand? Aren’t people all basically good? The idealistic Aquarius moon child is a humanitarian at heart who needs to be raised in a fair-minded and progressive environment. Aquarius is the sign of emotional detachment, so this child may want closeness one minute and freedom the next, and this unpredictable rhythm can be jarring for parents. As the sign of friendship, the Aquarius moon is deeply influenced by peers, so keep special watch over whom this child hangs around—it makes all the difference. Although this moon sign can have a rebellious streak, there’s also a people-pleasing tendency to monitor. Volunteer work and civic activities like student council and Scouts can be a great outlet for this moon sign to make a difference. The Aquarius moon feels most secure when his quirky and original ideas are cherished. Give the Aquarius moon space to “think different”—you never know what this little visionary could be on to.

Pisces Moon:

Needs compassion, escape, creative outlets
Dream a little dream! The Pisces moon child operates on his own internal clock (quantum standard time?) and needs to be allowed time to escape into fantasy and imagination. These emotional sponges absorb everything around them, so be careful of what (or who) is in their environment. Compassionate to the core, Pisces moon children are champions for the underdog, and can’t bear seeing people or animals being treated cruelly. Give this child lots of creative outlets (music and dance especially) to channel their sensitivity. Teach them emotional resilience, their delicate natures can leave them a bit too thin-skinned at times. Born into the New Age, Pisces moons can be intuitive and even psychic, having dreams and deja-vus from a young age. Age-appropriate lessons in yoga, meditation and spiritual rituals can ground them.

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