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Libra Mother-In-Law + Leo Daughter-In-Law

Libra Mother-In-Law + Aries Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

You both love giving gifts and will keep each other in good spirits with a constant stream of sweet trinkets, thoughtful cards, and surprise offers to pick up the tab for this and that. The shared spirit of generosity makes your relationship with your Libra mother-in-law mostly pleasant and harmonious.

You both believe that kids should be loved unconditionally and heck, even a little spoiled. Libra’s not the nosy type and will give you and your husband plenty of space to set up life the way you’d like to. If anything, you’ll probably wish that she were MORE involved in your lives since Leo enjoys parental attention. When your mother-in-law IS available, you’ll have a fine time being entertained at her house. She’s an excellent babysitter too who will come up with creative ways to help educate your kids.


Where You Clash

Life can be a big old soap opera for both of you. Like a pair of dueling drama queens, you may find yourself competing over whose day was harder. Both of you love to tell lengthy stories about yourselves, but when it’s time to listen to the other person’s monologue, patience can run low. Cultivating more give-and-take will be necessary here.

Leo and Libra both love the good life but together you may become a bit overindulgent. While it’s fun to order champagne and buy couture outfits, you both have selective amnesia when it comes to how much money is in your bank accounts. Watch the spending here or you could both wind up in financial hot water–with ten extra pounds on your frames to boot. 

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