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Taurus Mother-In-Law + Aquarius Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Taurus and Aquarius are basically from different planets. The good news is, you’ll have a lot to learn from each other. Like a charm school instructor, your Taurus mother-in-law seems to know a secret code that’s been hidden from you for years. Have fun learning how to discern a fish fork from a salad fork. You’ll get a unique cultural edification from her that will add an interesting polish to your bohemian spirit.

You’re both animal lovers and this is territory that you can really bond over. Talking about Fluffy’s latest mishap is a good way to get through those awkward lapses. Taurus appreciates good art as much as you do. Trips to galleries and museums give you something to gab about. She’s an earth sign, so feel free to introduce her to a few of those “granola” practices you’ve embraced like group meditation and vegetarian cooking. As long as you present the subject matter in a practical way, she’ll be able to grasp it and have a good time. 


Where You Clash

Your mother-in-law’s by-the-books view of life is completely alien to you. You simply can’t understand how she just accepts traditions without questioning them. This is foreign to Aquarius who invents traditions (if you bother to follow them at all). Taurus views you as a creature from another galaxy. If you don’t descend your spacecraft and learn the customs of her planet, she WILL be offended. This spells trouble for you and her son. Once Taurus gets fixated on making a point, she won’t stop until she is heard. Make nice so life doesn’t turn into an episode of Battlestar Galactica. 

You’ll have radically different ideas on how to raise kids. Taurus may ring her hands in agony when you refuse to send the grandkids to the same religious after-school program that she enrolled her children in. Guilt trips are guaranteed and you’ll have to learn how to skillfully navigate them as the price for marrying her son.

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