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Taurus Mother-In-Law + Libra Daughter-In-Law

Where You Click

Pop the champagne cork and pass the filet mignon. You two Venus-ruled signs love to enjoy the good life together. Indulging in treats (often of the expensive variety) is what makes you both smile. Hopefully you have big budgets to play with since you ladies of leisure could pamper yourselves endlessly.

You’re both fine hostesses and throwing a party together would be a great way to bond. She tends to be more of a traditionalist, but you’ll enjoy putting creative energy towards her fixed ideas. In turn, she’ll appreciate how you pretty up some of her more practical visions. She’s the cake and you’re the frosting–your combined efforts are always pleasing and sweet.  


Where You Clash

Look out, Libra! When Taurus gets fixed on an idea, she’s ready to charge forward like a Bull racing towards a waving red cape.  You, on the other hand, hate to be rushed—and you abhor conflict even more. Her pushy style could make you go AWOL. Run for the hills!

But uh-oh.

More trouble ensues, as result of your retreat. Taurus has strong abandonment issues and could freak out when you’re nowhere to be found. Screening her calls will only turn her into a stalker. Avoid breaking trust like this or you may never be able to win back her loyal care and affection. Learning to say “slow down” to your Taurus mother-in-law could be the best assertiveness training of your life. She can take being yelled at a lot better than she can handle feeling ignored.

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